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Jabe UD-1200 vs. Jabe UD-1200 PRO vs. JBC CD-2SQE - need Firmware for UD-1200

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i use a JBC CD-2SQE for years now which came with a T210 handle. Nice device, but for heavy parts like big heatsinks, transformer or heavy copper multi layer PCB i sometimes wished for more power at the tip. I compared some JBC clones and decided to buy the Jabe UD-1200 but failed at the order process on ali. There were two models, UD-1200 and UD-1200 PRO and i didn't realized that the PRO has a T210 handle. I saw the PRO offer with 3 extra tips and thought PRO must be better than not PRO version. I read about the bad T245 clone handles and bought the original JBC 245 handle and original C245 cardridges from a well known local distributor.

Today the Jabe device arrived and to my surprise, there was a T210 handle. I thought no problem, i already got the T245 handle, just plugin and enjoy.

The Jabe UD-1200 PRO heats up the original T245 handle to around 110 degree even if the device is set to 300 or more.
I compared the PCB from my PRO version with images from UD-1200 or Best BST-933b device. The only difference i could find is this white multioptocoupler that some devices had but which is not assembled on all devices.
I guess the Jabe UD-1200 uses the same hardware as the UD-1200 PRO but software is different. I could not change the power setting in the menu. It is set to 30W.

I read some posts and watched some videos to learn, the original JBC uses pin 1,2,5 on the Hirose connector for T245 and the T210 additionally uses pin 6 (center pin) which is connected to pin 5, both grounded. If pin 6 is connected, the JBC provides 12V to the tip, if only pin 5 is connected, 24V are provided to the tip. I should have read that before buying the Jabe because the T245 handle works well with my JBC CD-2SQE. Using the T245 handle on this device makes it a CD-2BQE modell. Same specs, "E" controller board, same power etc. It seems i bought the Jabe UD-1200 PRO for nothing.

Option A is, selling the Jabe as it's brandnew and unused (no fun factor).

Option B is, turning the UD-1200 PRO into a UD-1200 version (to have some fun).

I guess i need the firmware of a UD-1200 for that. Is there someone able and willing to grab the firmware from his Jabe device and provide it to me for educational purpose?

BTW. The T210 handle from the Jabe UD-1200 PRO version uses another pinout. It doesn't use pin 6. It uses only pin 1,2,5. I guess i can turn the T210 clone on my original JBC into a glow stick because it will use 24V instead of 12V.

Any help getting the T245 tip on the Jabe UD-1200 PRO working is welcome.

Google finds no information on the "UD-1200 pro" other than a single aliexpress listing with no information as to the differences.
Maybe you can provide some more info or photos. Is there any included manual?

@thm_w Yes there is a manual, i attach it as images. I also took some photos.

The device in comparison to my JBC one.

The board itself


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