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My mother complained about her kitchen scale not weighting anymore.

Of course, it was "take it apart" time.

Altough I did know that this scale was refurbished before was sold, what I found inside was beyond my imagination. A double sided PCB soldered only on one side, there were cold solder joints everywhere, some of them had even 80ohms!
This is a Laica scale, italian brand, but i doubt that this was manufactured anywhere in Europe.
I've photographed only the PCB, which was the worst, but the screws were not tight, some broken, a really nasty job ... I wonder how this ever worked.

Hahaha, that's is amazing. Did you manage to fix it?

Also, why are the components on the wrong side, doesn't it fit the right way or what? The resistors should if that little DIP does, maybe the caps are too big? Or maybe they just didn't understand how to put it on? :)

This looks really bad!!  :o Think I can say that I did a better work the first time I tried a soldering iron than the person that have done this "job". haha..

I am lost for words. Simply amazing!  :)

Yes, i fixed it. The white and green wire had cold joints, around 80ohm each.
Of course, i cleaned the old solder on most joints and this time soldered them as they should be.

I cannot find the reason why they put the components like this. There was not enough room to fit the caps upright, but there was plenty to fit them to correct side.
All components were measured and they were inside the tolerances, even caps had they ESR in normal range. I did not expect that.


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