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KSGER hot air station very slow to warm up

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Hey guys,

A few months ago I bought a KSGER hot air SMD GX16-8 station.
It works nicely, but is super slow to warm up from cold start. The first 100 degrees C are quite fast to reach but then it slows down more and more, and takes several minutes to warm up to 300/400.
I though it was normal as it's the first time I have a hot air station, but then I saw several people using the same station and it gets warm in seconds.

I tried to reduce the flow a lot, it does help a bit but it's still very slow.
Do you guys know if there is something I can check or do to try solving the issue?

If your profile's filled correctly, you're in Japan. That mean your mains voltage is 100V. Since the heating element of most (all?) hot air station is powered straight from mains, it needs to be the correct one for your country. Unless specified otherwise, it's very likely your heating element is made for 230~240V.

Measure the heating element's resistance. I have:
120V heating element 19.8R giving 727W
220V heating element 71.6R giving 805W - but on 120VAC mains gives only 200W, or 100VAC gives only 140W.

It is common to send the incorrect wand. Just ask them to send a correct heating element. I got (from Youyue, not KSGER) a 220V heater and it worked (at 200W) fine though.
Check the main fuse is correct too, if it is 5A or 10A.

The only other time it is slow to read warm up, is if the nozzle is very small. The hot air does not blow past the thermocouple sensor very well.
Or the thermocouple is bent inside the heating element and not getting enough air past it. You can also look at the heater % indicator to see if it is 100%-on during warmup.

Ah damn you are both right, the model is made for 220v... I feel dumb how can I have missed this detail.
Thanks for your help guys!
I'll contact them to ask if I can order a proper 110v one.
And I guess I need to change the fuse too?
There are no changes needed on the board side right?

Damn I can't find any ksger hot air end at 110v anywhere.
Do you guys know if this even exists?

The wand provided by ksger is the same as on every other cheap Chinese stations so you should be able to find plenty of replacement. Floobydust says youyue has them, there's also yihua, atten and many others (just look up those brands on aliexpress, I'm sure you'll find what you need very easily).
And yes, a 250V fuse would be selected with lower current rating than its US counterpart so it will probably blow.


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