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KSGER T12 bootloop with J02 tip

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I have seen eevblog as being active regarding this popular soldering station.
I bought one, when it was hyped on YouTube over and over and instantly modded if, like the cooling metal to not touch the trace below and the other little things that should be fixed.
HW versions is: 3.10
SW version is: 3.2S

Then I have been using it for half a year with my J02 tip.
One day it suddenly crashed and from then on bootlooped all the time with the J02 tip inserted.
By bootloop I mean, that only the "KSGER" text appears on screen with one single short beep, and then it goes black. Then the logo appears again and there's the next beep. This repeats with a frequqency of about 1Hz, over and over.

From then on this problem would remain.
If I start the station with the J02 tip inserted it will crash and bootlooop. If I insert the tip while the station is running, it will also crash and bootloop.
All the other 20 tips I have are still working.

So I threw the J02 tip into the garbage and bought a new one - and the problem remained!
J02 crashes and bootloops the station, and all the other tips are working (including the very similar JL02 for example).

What could be the reason? Is my station broken? I have already reset the firmware.

I have measured the reistance on the tips' contacts and have found the J02 to actually havbe the lowest resistance of all (7.9Ohm), while all the others are 8Ohm+

There's another strange think I noticed about the station:
After calibrating a tip it's name ist displayed as inverted in the OLED display to show it's calibrated. But when switiching to another tip and back, this indication is gone - the name is displayed normally again. Is this behaviour normal?

Thank you! :)

Probably shorting out, not at low voltage, but arcing internally when 24V is applied.
Happened to me once, the isolation inside the T12 tip melted and the wires touched.
Before turning off, it had enough power to burn both the mosfet and T12 socket.

Throw that tip away before it blows everything!

Don't run the soldering station like this, it can stress the power mosfet too much. A shorted heater/wand wiring/shorted connector can do this.
Your 24V power supply might be failing under load, when the heater is switched on. I would check it.
The firmware is not that great.

The issue is that I already ditched the old J02 tip because of this problem and bought a new one and still have this problem.
I cannot use the station like this at all, because it won't power on, but loop-crash.
Other tips are working.

So should I just buy a 3rd J02 tip and hope it will work this time?

Check the impedance measuring at the connector pins, with the tip inserted in the handle.


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