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...Stereotypical long time listener, first time caller introduction.

I want to buy my first soldering station - Currently I use a Weller WP35 for the odd soldering job I do. It's been fine for what I use it for, but I'd like to learn/practice PCB soldering.

I was going to buy what's generally considered the default upgrade (I think) - a Weller WE1010NA or a Hakko FX888. But after diving deeper into the murky depths, it seems a Chinese knockoff cartridge system is better than the aforementioned.

I've settled on the KSGER T12 V3.1S, but I'd welcome input based on my inexperience.

    1) On the KSGER Official Store, the 3.15S stations have the following disclaimer - Note: We have changed the soldering station chip to MM32 from 2021/12/1. But it will be same firmware and same function with STM32,so please donot worry about it.

        - Does anyone know how the MM32 chip compares to the STM32?
        - Should I worry about it?

    2) Is there a consensus on which KSGER T12 is best?

        - The standard all in one unit or the mini that requires a 24volt power supply?
        - Other than grounding and the dodgy capacitor, does it just come down to personal preference?

    3) Can anyone give me recommendations on a handle - way too many choices for a newb like me.

    4) Follow up; Can I get recommendations on what tips to choose? Stick with the 3 that come with it?

KSGER Official Store

STM32 um er ah, the MM32 V3.1S Stations


Thanks for the link to your thorough run down of the T12.

After reading David's GitHub, looks like the V2 is the one to get - you did make a convincing argument to use his firmware.

Thanks again


It seems there is an special offer right now. Please make sure it has an original STM32 or CKS clone. Quicko is said to have better quality than Ksger. The blue handle is said to be best one. I have 9051 and happy with it. Complete stations are probably better than frontend + external power supply wrt ESD. Check protective earth. Look at the pictures: if screen to board connection is 6 pins, then it uses SPI, faster than I2C (four pins) But I2C is fast enough anyway

They change models and processors so often that it is difficult to give an up-to-date advice. Check the custom firmware thread. Best wishes

v3 works perfectly fine as long as you get an stm32 version or a decent clone.


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