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KSGER t12 Solder station....AO4409 MOSFET alternatives please!!

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Hi....and new to this forum!!

Have one of these little stations....all good....then just yesterday get the glowing tip.
Found some references to alternatives for the AO4409....which is possibly(likely?) the culprit.

Hoping to order a small (<=5) quantity of a 'beefed up' replacement from my local RS counter here in Leeds.

Smallest qty of IRF9317/21 available is 20....which is overkill for me.
Found this Toshiba TPC8117....and hoping someone can confirm whether this might work as a replacement?? :)

I've attached the specs for the 8117 from the RS site......!!

TPC8117 should be fine.


--- Quote from: wraper on March 24, 2023, 12:02:18 pm ---TPC8117 should be fine.

--- End quote ---
....Great....and will it exceed the original AO4409...??

It should heat less.


--- Quote from: wraper on March 24, 2023, 12:05:29 pm ---It should heat less.

--- End quote --- hopefully longer lasting :)
Thanks again


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