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KSGER T12 STM32 V3.1S soldering station

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I just wanted to buy a KSGER T12 soldering station from aliexpress. When I noticed that there's been a new version V3.1S released, see

I didn't find any information about the differences to V2.1S. Does anyone know?


my 2.1s exploded within 10 months of buying it

I got an answer from the aliexpress store:

--- Quote ---V3.1S add Russian language,and fixed some small problems on V2.1S,and V3.1S is much more stable than V2.1S
--- End quote ---

I guess, I'll give V3.1S a shot


--- Quote from: Jon.C on December 29, 2019, 08:19:26 pm ---my 2.1s exploded within 10 months of buying it

--- End quote ---

KSGER sends me a new free power supply   :clap:

Electric Elf:

From the store named KSGER T12

--- Quote ---KSGER 2020 New Arrival V3.1S T12-K,BC2,BC3,ILS,D24,B,KU Solder Tips STM32 OLED T12 Soldering Station Gift For Boy Friend
Attention: you can choose the tips' types as you need, make a note in the order to replace the standard types, but BCM2 BCM3 are not avilable in this kit.
the order will be sent out within 24 hours.

3.1S Advantage:
1. more stable system
2. with Russian language
3. succinct display
4. oversize temperature number shows(especially for older persons are better, easy to look)
--- End quote ---

I am also interested what other issues are fixed, as I have the old one. And/or option to upgrade the firmware without buying new hardware.


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