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Laser distance measuring tool recommendation

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I am looking for a laser measuring tool. Budget $100-150. Does anyone have any recommendation?

what range?

see Bosch rangemeters

Narrowed down to Fluke 411D and Bosch DLR130.  Wonder if fluke is any good with IR distance meter.

I have a low end Fluke that I'm very happy with (411D IIRC) with my only complaint being that the laser indicator can be difficult to see at a distance in bright sunlight. Indoors it works fine though. The accuracy is very good at around +/- 1/8" or 4mm. It works well in dusty environments, which can't be said for ultrasonic models. The other improvement they could make would be a "GO" button that's easier to press so that you're not moving the unit while pressing the key.

For out door and In door I use ultrasonic , limited range to 15 meters, but works well its and every time. 


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