Author Topic: Longwei K3010D constant current quircks  (Read 146 times)

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Longwei K3010D constant current quircks
« on: March 21, 2021, 02:09:53 pm »
Hi, newbie here so please be patient...

I recently modified my longwei K3010D power supply to reduce the switching noise as I found some instructions on youtube and this forum

That worked like it should. While testing the unit under load in constant current, i found out some strange behaviour and couldn't find any thread that described this issue so i'm starting this one.
What I did: I loaded up the powersupply with some 8ohm 100W resitors and applied a constant current. After a while the fan kicks in to cool the swithing mosfets and I notice a current drop of around 160mA on the output of the supply.
What use is a constant current mode if the power is measured before the output and takes into account internal components?

Is anyone else seeing this behavior?
I thougth it might have something to do with the modification (placing an RC filter on the gates of the swithcing mosfets) but I undid the mod and the behaviour was the same.

I found the schematic of the board LW-K3005D-1 but as I'm not an EE, im turning to you guys.
Would there be a possible mod to remove the current of the fan from the CC measuring circuit?


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