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Looking for hot air station

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Hello, im looking for a new Hot Air station

Mostly ill work on desoldering/soldering QFP
Im looking for the high reliability since it will be used in full time work
My budget is about 500-700 euro, at the moment im aimed on

Aixun H310D (ATM im using also T420D which i love)
Im a bit afraid of the building quality, mostly due to SMPS

Sugon 8650
Quite good building quality but the glass painted keybuttons looks so cheap and probably will lost their painting after a while (i know its just a detail)

Quick TR1300 (non A wersion) which is probably the best but its over budget right now

I'm using Quick 861DW, and with proper nozzle it works wonders with TQFP, QFN and DFN and even some smaller SMD components like 0603 and 0402. Note that I'm mostly doing soldering by hand with a proper magnifier and tweezers. For QFP's you technically don't need a hot air station (unless there's a thermal pad present on the IC), but it can work too. I simply use a hoof tip nozzle on my soldering station and a lot of flux. Also works wonders.

i would def skip the 310 for now personally. if i have to be honest one of the units i use more then any other here now is the best bst with the modified pcb board in it. its fantastic with the new board installed. but it does add a bit of cost. otherwise id go for quick. when these are made well they last a really long time so i recc spending a bit more instead of having to replace a cheap junk one many times. most of my techs are using the best bst with the added pcb (to give you dials) and they tell me they reach for that more then even the quick unit. those dials make it so fast and east to change temps and air speed on the fly as you need to.

I like the Atten ST-862D

I've heard good things about the Quick 861DW as well, never used one though.

I think ill give a try Sugon 8650


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