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Looking for review/specification of DC DC converter module ZS-Q5A 200W 15A 60V


 I am looking for a module capable of converting 33.6Volts(8 * 4.2Volts cells) to 12Volts@12Amp
 I found a module at local market , model ZS-Q5A
 This video review   is in Russian so I can't understand it, but its converting from 32Volts to 12Volts@10Amp and not getting hot.
 So far I found:
 Input 10..60V , Output 1..36
 Output current : 10A (15A maximum)
 Appears to be using IC LT38xx  (from top side board picture)
 Switching frequency: 180Khz (LT3800 is 200Khz)
 Maximum Efficiency: 94%

 If someone can get more info out of that video review or somewhere else, many thanks!
 The SZBK07 module is also "suitable" for the task, but I found a bad review of it on youtube, if someone has experience with this module, information would be helpful.


--- Quote from: This_Guy on January 21, 2022, 10:27:41 am --- This video review is in Russian so I can't understand it, ...

--- End quote ---
Is this any help: You can switch on subtitles and then Autotranslate them to e.g. English.


Needs a fan above 100W. I don't think the russian guy ran it long enough for the temperature to stabilize?
I personally would buy a 10A rated device to run at 12A.

SZBK07 looks like a properly rated board for the task:
Note the review here says you need to tighten down the heatsinks, and may want a fan as well.


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