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M-Triangel CP-301| Mini Desktop Fume Extractor



I'm looking for a fume extractor to buy for my home lab. It will be used 2 to 3 times per week for light use not production. I found online the M-Triangel CP-301| Mini Desktop Fume Extractor  and it looks really interesting and in a good price. I was wondering if anybody here has tried this equipment before.

Seems ok for the price, ~$130:
Its almost certainly going to be better than a desktop Hakko FA400 style fan/filter product.

The only doubt is you are buying a filter that claims to be Hepa but there is no guarantee as to its actual performance at all.

Also there is no dB rating or ability to adjust the fan speed. But 15W should be low, and fan controllers are cheaply available.

I decided to finally buy it. I received it a few week ago and it looks really good for it's price. It has a small footprint for workbench placement and the noise is reasonable. The fume extraction seems to be good from the side of smells at least and can suck the smoke from about 5cm distance from the source.

I would recommend it for a home lab or small productions

question - do you fell colophony fumes exhausted from this fume extractor ?

1 yes i fell 100% of colophony outgoing
2 yes i fell 50% of colophony
3 yes i fell just small ammount of it maybe 25%

can you answer to this question ? coz i am using similiar fume extractor from china but with larger filter and power up to 285m3/h and it does the job no more than 10% of colophony (formaldehydes) being exhausted from it

as about hepa dont care coz M5 class prefilter is much more important than it in this setup ... ;)


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