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Manual solder paste dispenser - recommendations?

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Today the thing arrived.
As soon as I have a QFN to solder I'm taking pictures.
It is heavy though.. but that was to be expected.

The JBC DPM-B is definitely worth considering. I normally use a Metcal DX dispenser, but sometimes you want the manual control.

It's a shame it doesn't accept larger syringes directly, but it's simple enough to decant some into one of the provided syringes.

You can browse the catalogs of industry tool suppliers, they have several types of manual applicators for solder paste.

Here are some examples:

Thanks @helius, that is quite a selection indeed. Have you used this style of dispenser to dispense small individual dabs of paste to SMD pads? They all look like they were designed for dispensing larger volumes?

(At least for me, a pistol grip offers less positioning accuracy than the pen-type design. And the "trigger" levers also seem designed to move the syringe's plunger by macroscopic distances each time you press them. I assume these are made to e.g. dispense solder paste onto a stencil or such, rather than the direct "one droplet per pad" dispensing I am after.)

@SteveyG -- thank you for the vote for the JBC. I might shell out some money for that one, since the 3D-printed dispenser which I got remains rather fiddly to set up.

Last week I thought about this when my solder paste dried and was hard as hell to squeeze out!
This seems a nice motor. Encoder output, fine thread, high reduction ratio and fits inside the syringe!

I don't think I'll use a 18650 heavy monster there. Maybe something small like 10180 or 14250.

I was making some calcs. Given the 16mm plunger (201mm²),  the motor has 0.35mm thread, 240 reduction ratio.
For each complete rpm, the syringe would pull out 0.35*201 = 70mm³ of paste.
The average 0805 pad size is 1.3*0.7m= ~1mm². Let's say you put 0.5mm height of paste, it would be ~0.5mm³ of paste.
0.5/70=0.07rpm required.
With 240 reduction = 1.71 motor turns.

I don't know the resolution of the encoder, but it seems it will require a really fine control. Plus retraction to avoid spilling.


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