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Manual solder paste dispenser - recommendations?

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--- Quote from: ebastler on July 08, 2021, 05:25:22 am ---Have you used this style of dispenser to dispense small individual dabs of paste to SMD pads? They all look like they were designed for dispensing larger volumes?

(At least for me, a pistol grip offers less positioning accuracy than the pen-type design. And the "trigger" levers also seem designed to move the syringe's plunger by macroscopic distances each time you press them. I assume these are made to e.g. dispense solder paste onto a stencil or such, rather than the direct "one droplet per pad" dispensing I am after.)

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The only one I have used is #7, the EFD Specialty Products DispensGun.
It is capable of small dot sizes—the key is that the plunger moves both forwards and back on a pivot, it isn't only pushing forwards like a caulk gun. So when you release the trigger it re-sets and stops the paste from drooling. I don't know how the other types operate.

It also comes in models for 3cc, 5cc, 10cc, and 30cc/50cc.

I have bought JBC DPM-B in Kardilab in Slovenia for 48€ with “Posta Slovenia” with tracking number for 10€ shipping costs to Brazil.

I bought it because even though the material is perhaps 3D printed, it must be of better quality.

As always it depends on each one.

Most of those for sale have freight to Brazil from international private carriers, some charged more than 150€ for shipping.

Concerning Kardilab, they state they have also a really good responses regarding fluxes and soldering pastes. They also have a repair shop and they use all of their products. This was the reason their online store started, so that they want share all the good tools with others.

I will try their soldering fluxes and soldering pastes next time.

I hope this information is also useful for someone else.

FWIW, I finally got off my fat ass and tested my dispenser design (last post on page 1), it works great.

A 20G (Pink/0.6mm) tip works best, and of the (aliexpress) pastes I've tried so far surprisingly the cheap-ass looking one worked best, dispenses easily, produces good looking joints, and very very minimal visible flux residue, just the faintest hint.  I reflow in my, very literal, toaster, no particular profile, heat to ~200' and switch off.


--- Quote from: sleemanj on May 26, 2022, 03:13:07 am ---I reflow in my, very literal, toaster, no particular profile, heat to ~200' and switch off.

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You should really go a bit over 200C.  The flux may not fully activate otherwise.
I usually like to see the temp probe hit 210-220C

Yeah it overshoots by about 10 after turning off, it's just a triac controller set down real low so not exactly precisely controlled.


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