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Manual solder paste dispenser - recommendations?

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I have used conventional soldering irons or stencil/solder paste/hot air for SMD soldering so far. But do occasionally find myself in situations where neither approach works well -- especially during repair and rework, when I need to fit a component in between other components which are already populated.

I would like to add a simple, manual solder paste dispenser to my toolkit for this purpose. This has probably been discussed here before, but I could only find references to more complex, motorized units in older threads.

The one below looks plausible due to its simple mechanism (no slack, easy syringe exchange, I would hope). Does anyone have experience with it? Or can you recommend a different commercial device? Thanks!

Edit: Here's another, similar unit. It might be an advantage in this design that the syringe body always stays in the same position, independent of filling height. But it needs a custom syringe (with serrated plunger rod). It seems geared towards dispensing somewhat larger volumes, i.e. strands of paste rather than individual dots? Any reports from first-hand experience are much appreciated!

solder pastes in tech syringes work good with plunger and as thin as insulin needles.  :-//


--- Quote from: wickated on May 30, 2021, 08:20:13 am ---solder pastes in tech syringes work good with plunger and as thin as insulin needles.  :-//

--- End quote ---

Thanks for the reply, but I am not sure I understand your point. Do you mean you just use the bare syringe + tip, and push directly on the plunger with your thumb? In my experience it is difficult to dose reproducibly that way. Also, pushing without any additional leverage becomes quite strenuous, especially when using thin tips with a lot of resistance.

Or did you have something else in mind? -- Also, what is a "tech syringe"? Just the one you buy the solder paste in?

Not that I particularly recommend it, but JBC has solder paste dispenser similarl to the one shown in your picture. I've been using it for a while and it is way more precise than just squeezing out the paste with your thumb. The main drawback is that the typical paste syringes don't fit. They sell their own (empty) syringes and you have to fill them with paste by yourselves. That's a bit inconvenient.

Thanks, thinkfat! I was editing my original post to add a link to the JBC unit while you were posting.  :)

How well does the JBC dispenser work for dispensing small dots of paste -- say for individual 0402 pads?


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