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Mastech Ms8211D multimeter review


Sorry for "ummm" and "eeh", this is my first video review, don't flog me too much  ;D

Thank you for that review!
It's great!

It's a really nice pen DMM given the price.
But Ia wondering if, at that price, a slightly bigger "pocket DMM" will be preferable.
Something like that: MASTECH MS8216

when you see me using both of my hands, I'm holding the camera by the viewfinder with my teeth. It's not pleasant but gives a true sense of POV. ;D

Hey, got mine yesterday... GREAT DMM

Great for those measurements where you don't have a place to put your multimeter and look at it.

But, the -D version (as opposed to the "plain" 8211) does not have the non-contact voltage detector function  that I really wanted.
As a trade off there is a Logic probe function (but who needs this really?) and a current measurement function.

So, I think i'll this one and get a 8211...


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