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Mean Well RST-10000 10kW power supply with 24, 36 or 48 Volt output

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Problem solved! See update Nov. 1st!

I was able to bid for a 3 phase 10kW power supply for little money ... however it is a 24 Volt version.
As I need 50 ... 60 Volt instead of the 24V the first step will be some reverse engineering of the
secondary "low voltage" part. My idea is, only to buy some "spare parts" at MW to realize the
modification instead of spending ~2000 € for a new unit.
Does anybody have experience with these parts or an idea, where to get circuit diagrams and
spare part lists? I have attached a block diagran, which is common for all variants.

This is my first topic in this forum, and I hope I am at the righ place ...
Thank you for your support!

I would be surprised if you could get a replacement transformer as a spare part to be honest. It may be possible to modify the rest of the secondary side though. Without more details of the unit we probably can't advise on the complexity or potential success of such a modification.

After receiving the power supply today, I took the attached picture:
there seem to be two identical 5kW blocks inside the unit, connected in parallel on the input (3x 400V AC) and output (24V DC).
My idea to double the output voltage: connecting the two 24V subassemblies in series!
Sounds easy, but I think the regulation circuitry will be the problem, especially if they use a commen ground for both parts ...
I will start reverse engineering the next days.
Any helpful ideas?     

meanwell sells special power supplies for series parallel operation AFAIK

Thank you for the information, but I do not want to buy new parts,
I want to modify the existing one to increase the output voltage!


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