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I'm looking for an LCR meter in order to measure small inductance values starting at around 5 uH. After some googling I found several devices:

DER-EE DE-5000

Seems to be the best value for the money, however, it seems hard to get. Is it still beeing produced? Are there any non-ebay suppliers? Is there any successor?

Hantek 1833C

They claim an accuracy of 4% for the range of 0-4 uH. I did not find too many reviews.

Keysight U1733C

It's too expensive for hobby.

Peaktech P2175

They claim Accurate measurements from approx. 0.5Ω, 1nF or 10µH upwards but it only goes to 1kHz

Are there more alternatives? Do you have any suggestions?

What's about a different approach: function generator + DSO? O don't have a function generator yet but a Rigol DSO

Thanks for your help.

Edit: I accidently posted in the wrong category, should have been in "Test equipment".

The DE-5000 is a really good LCR meter for the money. I think these mostly sell trough the ebay/aliexpress/amazon etc in general, not all companies want to deal with selling directly to consumers.

5uH is not that difficult to measure so even the cheap 10$ 3 terminal autodetecting component testers(transistors,diodes,,caps,inductors etc..) will likely be able to measure it, they can do down to pretty low uH and pF

You can certainly use a signal generator, scope and some elbow grease to do a inductance measurement, it's just not very fun to do often as it needs quite a bit of setup and some manual math to actually get the result. The best instrument to abuse for this is a vector network analyzer since in the smith chart display it will typically show the resistance and reactance of whatever is connected. Some might show it as a complex impedance, but many will show it as farads or henries. This is typically a good way to measure very tiny reactance such as pF and nH because VNAs typicaly go up into rather high frequencies past 1 GHz so this makes such tiny reactance much easier to measure. So well sited for measuring say the capacitance or inductance of a PCB trace. However a VNA is much more expensive than a LCR meter, so its more of a thing if you happen to have one rather than buying one for this purpose.

I have the LCR200 from extech and actually like it very much

Well, even if the DE-5000 is very good, I don't want to buy from untrusted sellers. Therefore, I prefere to get one device which is highly available.

Do you think it's possible to measure 5 uH with 1kHz?

Then I could go with the Peaktech P2175. I have a power supply from this brand and I'm happy. They do good marketing as the products (and they have many devices) have a coroperate design.

If that's not enough, the EXTECH LCR200 would be an option, but it's significantly more expensive (around US $275).

There seem to exist several devices which use the same main IC:

Peaktech P 2170
Lutron LCR-9184
Tenma 72-10465
Mastech MS5308
Voltcraft LCR 300
Axiomet AX-LCR42
Aktakom AMM-3320
ktakom AMM-3035
Kusam KM-520B

I would use the nanoVNA.  Or an obsolete boat anchor, Boonton Q meter or RX meter.  I have both and they work well for small inductance, very accurate.  You pick the frequency of measurement and get inductance and Q.


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