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Metcal - GT120 Soldering System with Heater Cartridge

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What do you think about this new Metcal soldering station unit - Do you have any thoughts about it?

Its got the DIN connector, so it must be the lower frequency (~400kHz?) MFR tech. Which combined with the hollow end tips hint at low end use.

However... they actually offer full cartridge tips for it as well:

Combine this with them saying its temperature adjustable. It has the potential to be very good. But.. I'm really not seeing how you can match the performance of a pure inductive tip (curie) with a temperature sensor in the tip (RTD not thermocouple though).

--- Quote ---The new GT Series of Soldering Stations are the first and only soldering stations available that offer adjustable temperature with inductive heating. In fact, these new products outperform (by as much as 35%) 250W systems on the market today with just 120W of power. This enhanced performance provides operators on the production line the advantage of using two-piece tips for lower cost while still getting improved performance over competitive resistive systems. If ultimate performance is preferred, the GT systems are also compatible with one-piece cartridges to meet high thermal demand needs.
--- End quote ---

I'd be surprised if the two-piece tip is anywhere near the performance of the single cartridge style tip, but we will see.

I hope this unit is not going to cost more than 320 euros,because i'm very excited for this new baby :)

What Metal with T regulation?


It could be good but it goes against why I was loving Metcal so much.


--- Quote from: Zucca on May 25, 2020, 09:48:38 am ---What Metal with T regulation?


It could be good but it goes against why I was loving Metcal so much.

--- End quote ---



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