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Metcal: MX-H1-AV vs MX-RM3E?

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Spotted a pattern with my advanced handpiece quirk - I have 5 STTC tips: 006, 038, 117, 136, 147P.

Since its not recognizing the last two.

Not sure why - and reasonably confident it is only a handpiece problem as the MX-RM3E doesn't replicate the problem. The equipment is all new.

Unusual quirk - any damage to the connections on the cartridge? The handpiece is just a connector so not much to go wrong

Steve the connections all look fine and feel secure - all kit from RS and Farnell - don't wan't to return the handpiece unnecessarily (specially after watching the piece on amazon returns) but I'm stumped - will do a final check to confirm.

A caveat to "the handpiece is just a connector": The handpiece assembly (F connector + cable + handpiece) does have an LC network in it somewhere that is necessary for correct operation. There's an old thread somewhere where someone tore one down and discovered this, and it's also mentioned in some of Metcal's patents.

That's interesting - rechecking the tips it didn't like I can add the STTC 038. And the pattern shifts to the last two numbers.

works for 06, 17
doesn't work for 36, 38, 47P

or it just works for a 0.4mm conical and 5.0 x 7.6mm chisel and nothing in between.


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