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METRAWATT LS2 (Photo) - What can it meassure?


Hi Again there!

Today i got a photo of an old Meter "Metrawatt LS2" which i dont realy know what it can meassure. Maybe you can Help identify??

The Photo is pretty large, so i dont even try to upload here. Please check out the photo on my Project Page at:

Thanks for any Help!


Well, what looks like a capital J could also be a capital I. Then it would be "Ind." - probably for Induktivit├Ąt/inductivity.
Google says the LS stands for "Leitungssucher" or "wire finder". So I guess it is just that: a device to find where the mains are located inside a wall.

hmmm... inductivity sounds like a good guess. however there are no units on the scale.
but i can try soon. thanks for the guess!

Any further guesses are welcome!


Hm, did you notice the 2nd sentence?
Just in case you didn't: If you google for 'metrawatt "ls 2"', you'll see that it was sold on eBay as "Leitungssucher" (line tracer). So I guess that's what it is. The battery check if probably really just a test of the internal battery. The lack of any capacity scale or units hints towards that this is not really a measure instrument for capacity.
BTW: does it actually have any ports? Maybe the "Ind" setting is not there to measure an inductivity, but to measure via induction if there's current flowing by connecting some kind of amps clamp while the "Kap" setting measures via capacity without an external sensor?
Besides, maybe you can contact one of the eBay sellers to get more information.

yes i read your 2nd line there :) but pretty sure its no "leitungssucher". i found that article/phrase too even before i asked here. and yes, the device got two probe ports (banana).

i guess ill have to test it later in my lab with some coils n caps n stuff.



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