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Mini Spot Welder from Aliexpress

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Normally only one MOSFET dies and it has been proven that the unit still works well with one MOSFET removed. Other mini welder type units use less MOSFET’s and also work well. So do the various modifications for your version of the Welder and try using it with the faulty MOSFET removed. You should be fine  :-+ To find the dead MOSFET you can apply a voltage across the MOSFET bank and current limit the power supply to a sensible level. Then use an IR thermometer or apply IPA to see which MOSFET gets warm due to an internal short.

Hi! What would be the best power supply for this welder? I dont want to blow it up with too powerful accu :)

On HobbyKing I managed to find 
5000 mAh 40C (constant) - 50C (burst),
4000 mAH 60-120C,
4500 mAh 40-50C,
5000 mAh 70-140C.

Specs say 4000 to 6000mAh 45C to 60C but is it 45C constant to 60C burst or 45C constant to 60C constant?


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