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Minipro programmer issue on new version



I own a Minipro TL866CS for quite a while and I mainly use it to program EPROMs and EEPROMs (2732/28C64) and so far never had any major issues using it.

Recently I decided to pull the trigger on the model TL866 II Plus (Now re-branded to XGecu TL866II Plus)

I downloaded the latest version of the Windows software and the firmware was upgraded to the latest one which I believe is v04.2.132.

With the new programmer I'm having issues programming the very same ST M2732A EPROM chips that I programmed so many times with the TL866CS.

I usually use the programmer under linux with the 'minipro' software so here's the output of both:

$ minipro -p M2732A@DIP24 -w test.bin
Found TL866CS 03.2.86 (0x256)

VPP=21V, VDD=5V, VCC=5V, Pulse=500us
Writing Code...  5.26Sec  OK
Reading Code...  0.14Sec  OK
Verification OK

TL866 II Plus
$ minipro -p M2732A@DIP24 -w test.bin
Found TL866II+ 04.2.132 (0x284)

VPP=18V, VDD=5.5V, VCC=5V, Pulse=500us
Writing  Code...   0%
Verification failed at address 0x0000: File=0x06, Device=0xFF

Also worth to mention that under the Windows software I have the same issue. I never tested programming the chips with the firmware that came with XGecu TL866II Plus so I really can't confirm if it would work or not (it was only a few minor versions below).

Thanks in advance.


It's  known issue with the Tl866II plus regarding 2732's. Here's a link to my post on the subject. Includes  work arounds for adding 21v or 25v and programming 2732's

thanks for this. I think I'm keeping my TL866CS for now.

@OP just FIY , the Xgecu (windoze) s/ware works under linux well via 'wine', needs just a patched DLL file and some work with the udev rules.
BTW I have no experience with those 21/25v EPROMs , just used with 27cXXXs ones.


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