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Modify Aixun T3B to work with T245 / C245 and T12 cartridges

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Hello everyone, I have already read the interesting T3A concepts of this forum but I see that the vast majority are not interested in using T210, T105 and T115 handles, so I want to create this forum so that together we can enable the T3B version with T245 and T12 handles, if you are interested, you should know that you have to buy a power supply that is inexpensive, and is the same as the factory T3A, I know that there are many who prefer other types of isolated sources, but at first I do not want the topic to deviate from the main objective which is to enable T245 and T12.
I chose the T3B version, because it includes a base that in T3A costs an additional US $ 30 and because I wanted the T115 handle with the 3 tips, which would cost separately about US $ 75, In addition, the base of the T3B works as an extension, the one of the T3A does not.

Before you start to make changes, you should know that it is a project in which we are going to combine skills in order to make T245 and T12 work in Aixun T3B, I have no knowledge of firmware extraction or modification and therefore I can only make contributions of Modification at the Hardware level, when it is finished I will delete this comment, Thank you for your contribution !!!

I began by investigating the board, carefully opening the front of the T3B, as our friend Steve Gardner from SDG Electronics explains, applying 120 ° C "on the screen it is not necessary only in its contour" with a suction element and gradually removing gently and patiently, the easiest way is to do it from left to right, I leave the video of our friend Steve: "Watch for only two minutes or you will deviate from the topic".

After removing the panel I see that the components of the board are very similar to those of T3A, including the mosfet that controls the output, so in the first instance if it can control T245 and T12.

Preliminary analysis of the tips:
As I do not have an original JBC station, I do not understand what it talks about with the color code, but the information will be useful for many.

I found these images that are from another alternative and that coincide with what we want to do:

The first impediment we have is that C210 and C115 have a TC connected to VCC-OUT and C245 requires an independent TC, so we will proceed to separate it by making a small cut on pin 4 of the flex tape connector “It has a small connection between VCC- OUT ”as shown in the picture:


As we need a TC output, I proceed to eliminate the track next to connector pin 3 “Change tip sense” that is not important for the operation, and I replace it with TC with the cable that we previously soldered.

The factory connector of the handle does not have all the pins, so for the tests I remove the connector from the base that does bring all the pins and we are ready for the first test.

After this basic test, I proceed to change the source for one of 18.5v and 6Ah enough for tests, I add a reinforcement wire AWG 18 in each of the connector outputs in PIN 1 GND and PIN 2 VCC-OUT, but the operation It is the same, apparently the firmware does not control temperature as such, it controls resistive changes of the internal thermocouple, depending on each cartridge because it works as if it were connected C210 but it does not heat beyond 100°C placing 450°C on the screen.

this is where help is needed to assess if I am overlooking something or if the firmware needs to be modified or put a resistive value in TC or ID TOOL.


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Is It using a flat cable to power the heater??
By no way that can handle 10A... Only 5 pins for the power.
At 3A, it's already sourcing 600ma per pin, usually the limit is 500ma with these.

But some can take 1A... Maybe it's the case.
Be very careful if you don't want melting wires.

I think the real problem with modifying the T3B to do what the T3A does is the firmware.  It's not open source.  You could mod the hardware, but getting the unit to recognize what it would need to is pretty much impossible without modding the firmware.  The T3B maxes out at 96w I believe, and even with a T3A PSU, I think the current is limited in the firmware.  Second, it would make more sense to mod the T3A to do the T3B.  Looking at the Unisolder, it uses a 24v secondary on the transformer (like the T3A), with switching to 12v for the 210 stuff.       


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