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I've got a very soft spot for old meters and got a new one in today, so I thought I'd show it to you guys. To be precise I'm going to show you two old meters, both made by the same company Hartmann & Braun. They're probably not so well known today, especially outside of Germany.
The company was founded in 1879 and stayed in business until the mid 1990's, they specialised in measurment equipment from the very beginning.

First the analog V-A meter Multavi 5. A multi purpose meter with 1% accuracy.

The meter movement itself is suspended on springs to protect it from shocks.
I had to open it because the needle got stuck and wouldn't move. I've now fixed that and it works again.
This meter is probably 45-55 years old and still useable, at least for general purpose measurements. I wouldn't use it for measurements in more complex circuits because it's got a rather low internal resistance compared to more modern meters.

And here's the newbie I picked up on the flea market today. A H&B T2102 digital multimeter.

It's using four individual VFD tubes as a display, that's something you don't see often.
Judging by the date codes on the IC's it was built in 1979/80. It's mains powered with a plug pack and can be equipped with a sealed lead battery for portable operation. The build quality is superb, cast aluminium case, very nice rotary switch and high quality 4mm jacks. The power connector is made by LEMO, very high quality, maybe a bit OTT.

Even though the Fluke is about 5 years older, it is much better equipped and smaller. The T2102 has no auto range feature and has one digit less.
The most annoying is the rather slow update rate, though. It updates only about 2-3 times a second.
Overall it's not a bad meter though.

About taste ... I like more my Metrawatt , but I have no idea how the case opens.
Looks like locked with no screws .

And the top range switch plate , It gives only access to the range switch , for inspection and lubrication.
Yes there is grease in it  ;)

This picture are from the German auction, when I clean it , it become as totally new.  

That's just as Dave would say ''Sex on a stick!''
The Metrawatt's pointer is actually made of carbon fibre to decrease meter response time.
I've seen these meters go for over 100EUR on ebay lately.

Beautify meter, K! Not only were they functional, they were esthetic too.

Thanks S.

Well I got lucky , got it for €38.70 EUR .

But due a transport accident ( probably ), arrived with a problem, the Zero Ohms knob did not work ..
Later on that I found the courage to open the top plate, I found that just the plastic pin of the rotating knob was off position.

Easy fix, and the smile returned on my face ..  :D


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