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My new (OLD!) Multimeter

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Just grabbed this from my Dad - he saved it from being skipped when his company were sorting out an old office of theirs.  What a beauty of proper old english engineering.

It's an AVO 8 Mark III

And as Dave says.... 'TAKE IT APAAAAAAAAAAAART'.  So I did!

Mmmmm...that bakelite smell! Lol at the Indiana Jones style case!  :D

Glad to see no bugs got inside. A very well preserved multimeter. Pass it on to your kids.

"To ensure accurate readings the meter should be face upwards"  ;D

Look, those fossil batteries leak less than modern ones.

Thanks for the teardown.

AVO (now Megger) only stopped making those at the end of 2008.


It's such a shame, even the batteries have 'Made in England' on them.  Well, at least they weren't Dave's "FAVOURITE" Golden Power batteries I guess!!!  ;D

I work on meters like this fairly regularly- AVOs just seem to keep on keeping on! Ballancing the movement can be a bit of a pain on these, but if it lives on the bench, it shouldn't ever need that. I'll have to post up a teardown of a Master Instruments Model 4- a little Australian analogue meter of similar calibre. Incidentally, those little 15 batteries are next to impossible to find- we actually use an adapter to fit a cylindrical 15v battery. Again, I'll post pics next time one arrives on my bench.


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