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New Aixun T320 - Any opinions on it? (with inside pics)

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So when I wanted to order an Aixun T3A a about 2 weeks ago, I noticed the T320 being added to the vendors inventory the same day.
Obviously I couldn't help myself and threw a little extra money at it and payed about ~150€ for the newer model.
At the time the only information I could find was an annoucement on the Aixun Website. Since this has barely changed since since then (there's now a short YouTube video by Aixun) I figured some of you might appreciate a few quick snaps of the insides of it.

As far as things Inoticed regarding build quality:
1) The molding for the plastics seems honestly like a shockingly good 10/10 for me.
2) There was however quite a bit of thin stringing/spider-webbing my the glue used on the inside that i removed before taking the pictures. I guess the glueing job was rather rushed. Beyond that it seemed quite solid.

I am however rather new to electronics, so I can't speak much for the actual components/board and the like - I'd be happy about any comments on that by someone more experienced. I didn't wanna take it apart entirely so you only get pictures of the boards in situ. Hope that's enough for a quick first impression. Otherwise let me know!

Link to the pictures on Imgur:
Quick Coin Test:

PS: The station came with 3 Aixun soldering Tips (extraordinary nice packaging for that too: nicely molded silicion bottom half and build in magnifier on the top half)
I wonder though how large the difference is compared to genuine JBC tips - anyone has some insights here? So far I avoided ordering those as getting a decent selection of 2-4 tips comes at 60-120€ locally here.

Is the tip grounded to earth?

My Multimeter beeps yes :)

Thanks for this!
I was about to buy a T3A myself and then noticed this new T320 (as well as the AxxSolder project) so I decided to hold off, hoping to see some reviews.

I noticed many posts of users claiming that the Aixun tips are garbage (working for 30 mins then trashed). I don't know how much of that is true... but I assume they are probably not as good as genuine JBC ones.
I also noticed some users saying that the latest firmwares for the T3A/B made it incompatible to use genuine JBC tips which would be kind of a deal breaker. Is that true?
And is it the also the case with this new T320? or are JBC tips working?


Worth to try perhaps just try soldering in a coin like Steve or SDG electronics did in his video. Lol. Just to make sure the soldering station and or the tip can do the job properly


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