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New ATTEN Scopes: ADS7xxx series

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The ADS7102E looks exactly like the Owon PDS with LA option:

Yeah, I chose a picture of the PDS with LA option since the MSO line is black and in the same color it's more obvious that this is exactly the same case, except for the manufacturer's name.
Besides, I wonder if this is really only cloned. I kinda understand that cloning schematics or even the layout of a PCB can save you some money, but cloning a case to this degree of perfection seems to cause more work than just getting some "inspiration".

The other question is, why you would bother to hack an Atten scope at all. I kinda admire your enthusiasm, but hacking a (probably substandard) clone of a not-so-great Owon MSO doesn't look like the best way to invest your time (and money).
I had a close look at the Owon MSO line some time ago but came to the conclusion that it's much worse than the SDS line regarding the scope part and the LA part is so basic compared to cheap USB LAs  that it's not really worth paying extra money for it.
Now, considering that the Owon MSOs are not so great, I would assume that Atten clones of them are even less attractive...

I noticed the different fashion Owon applied on the English and Chinese version of their official website.
For the English one, new types are given a new separate page "PSD new" with the large photo and specs.
While on the Chinese on the two new types are simply added to PSD series specs in a manner of low profile.

Just out of curiosity... and I could be way off base... but I couldn't help notice many of the postings from the chinese members are mainly regarding the various chinese scopes/instruments available. Are any of you involved in the production or marketing of any of these scopes?

PS... I dont care either way.. but it would be nice to know where the opinions are originating from.


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