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New Yihua soldering station with T12 tips!?

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In my search for my first soldering station I first stumbled upon Yihua. After almost pulling the trigger I found the ksger / quicko / quecoo T12 stations, that work better but seem way less reliable than the Yihua 936 / 937D etc. (And most if not all of the T12 stations are not grounded from factory)

Continuing my search I stumbled upon the Yihua 948DB+II (
The price starts at €56. About the price of the older T12 stations and €20 less than the T12-958.

The problem is that I can't find anything about it. Does anyone know anything more about it? Since it's a Yihua I may assume that its actually properly grounded? And am I right that overall the build quality and durability of Yihua is way better than ksger and quicko/quecoo?

I would choose something else because I prefer a shorter tip to handle length.

Yeah the handle doesn't look amazing. Maybe it'd be possible to use other T12 handles with it though? I asked them on AliExpress but they don't know if it is possible; I wouldn't see why not though.

What would you choose over this for not too much more money?

There's the GVM/Oss T245 (€85) and the Aifen A3 (€100), but I can't find anything about those either, I don't know about the brands, and they're on the expensive side of things.

The Aixun T3A looks good but also too expensive (€120).

Maybe a Oss T12-X (€60)? That looks like a decent option. Found a YouTube video that says the tip is grounded (idk about the chassis but that wouldn't be too hard to fix).

The OSS one looks fine and has good reviews. This Yihua looks like garbage.

You ALWAYS check the grounding regardless of what anyone says, and yeah can ground the chassis as well.

Yeah, of course I'll check the ground no matter what. But overall I think all Yihua stations are grounded. I might be wrong though.


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