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I have been building a newbie bench, and am working my way through a series of beginner theory/project books and kits. Any recommendations on other useful toys?

Could get yourself a logic analyser of some kind, they are rather useful. :)

how about HP 1650B Logic Analyzer


--- Quote from: zargnut on February 28, 2011, 10:50:42 am ---how about HP 1650B Logic Analyzer

--- End quote ---

Depends a lot on what sort of work you'd be doing.  I have the 1650B and it's been very good at what it does -- in timing analysis mode, basically watching lots of parallel channels for a short 'time' after a trigger event (time in quotes because it stores transitions, not samples, so it can vary from nanoseconds to hours!)  In state analysis mode, well, I need to revisit the manual with a plentiful supply of coffee each time I want to use it...

However, if you're using modern devices, something that offers decoding of serial datastreams (SPI, I2C etc.) over a longer time / continuously is going to be vastly more useful -- which is why I'm thinking of getting something like the Saleae Logic to use when the 1650B is too cumbersome.

Nice bench, by the way!

If you do projects with mains voltage then a variac is very useful.

Other ideas..

-Solder fume extractor
-Hot air rework
-Magnifying ring lamp


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