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Pace ADS200 soldering station

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Tilting my head at an angle that is pin 7. According to the schematic, the down switch. Seems poor plating at the Atmel factory, would have to inspect it and perhaps give it "the scrape of death" to be sure. The function of that switch/button (within setup/config menu) invokes setup to start again. But how it manifests if there was a high resistance problem at boot, unsure. I'd call it a maybe, if it was it's trivial anyway and probably not a design or assembly issue.

Any news?


--- Quote from: Hydrawerk on September 18, 2021, 05:18:56 pm ---Any news?

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Not yet. The person I talked to told me that the shipping would be the longest part of the wait, but it made it to them faster than expected. Hope to hear something by Monday

I never heard anything else, but my ads200 arrived a few minutes ago. Looks like they just replaced the pcb. Everything is working as it should and no more setup issues  :-+

Pace posted this video a few weeks back. Bit of marketing in it but towards the end you can see what looks like a load testing setup with ADS200s and some drawings of a new tool and 3 port station.


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