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Pace ADS200 soldering station

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--- Quote from: Hydrawerk on October 09, 2021, 04:07:10 pm ---
How does the MT-200 hot tweezer work, when the ADS200 has only one channel temperature sensing and one channel heating element control? Is there any electronics built in the MT-200? It is more expensive than a similar tweezer from JBC!

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Yeah, was going to buy the tweezer but their pricing was a bit wild. You can get the Hakko RF tweezers and a used station to drive it for less than that, which gives you per tip temp control. As noted above though they are plastic, not aluminum.

ADS200 only has 4 pins (heater/thermocouple, NTC, ground, earth) so its not possible for them to monitor multiple thermocouple connections.
You can parallel two thermocouples to get the average temperature, so I suspect that is what they've done.

Did someone try to download the firmware from ADS200's microcontroller?

Has anyone swapped out the cable on the td200 for something a bit more flexible? It's not terrible, but the cable for the mt200 tweezers is significantly better. Hoping someone might have some recommendations. I'm struggling to find anything that won't end up significantly thicker. Figure I might as well add some strain relief once I find something too.

The internal strain relief is fine for me, over 3 years and so far so good. Since it's not glued and can be resoldered seems dead easy to knock a few inches off if required.

Yeah I agree it's fine as is. I think it might become necessary to add additional relief if I do replace the cable with something more flexible. Should mention that I know I prefer my arrangement a bit weird. I keep the station on my right side, but use the iron with my left hand majority of the time.


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