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Pace ADS200 soldering station

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No, ADS200 can hardly be replaced soon because it was released in 2018. I expect a successor of MBT350 with an Accudrive soldering iron and maybe with a graphic LCD.

--- Quote ---Coming Soon:
MBT 450 Multi-Channel Soldering & Rework System (available early next year)
 (note: year 2021!!)
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Considering buying this station what are some recommended tips for microsoldering?  I was looking at the hakko 951 but since I would have to buy and additional handle plus tips this pace looks like the better option

Doing repair and rework if you have no preheating and working on dense pcbs you pick the largest tip that fits between other components. These type of boards were oven reflowed anyway and if you can't easily solder you either have to use preheating or hot air to assist with removal and replacement.

Otherwise as a general rule you don't exceed 2x the pad width. But a chisel can do 3 or 4 connector pins or ic legs at once by reflowing solder with flux. As the tip is wider than the individual pins/legs it's more efficient than using a smaller sized tip.

The small Pace tips are conical 0.20mm, 0.40mm then they transition to chisels at 0.80mm, 1.20mm, 1.59mm, 2.38mm, 3.12mm. So it's not as confusing as at first glance. Bent conical (also 0.40mm) and Flat blade (6.35mm) are useful as well.

Knotlogic made a spreedsheet. A bit easier to see the sizes in order most people get the (1131 prefix) ultra performance version of the tips.

Thanks @shock.  That spreadsheet makes it so much easier to choose the tips I need.   :-+

There is also a tip chart on Paces website where you can play pokemon. ;D


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