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Pace ADS200 soldering station

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They all have a tinned surface at the end of the tip and are ready to go. Since you just brought a few I'll give you some tips on tips (applies to all brands) :

Out of habit I heat all new tips up to about 300C, apply solder to the tip and clean a few times before using.

Counterintuitive to what most people are taught, when not using the tip for a prolonged period or leaving it in the stand it's best to first clean the tip then apply fresh solder across the entire tinned surface. If done for the night just turn off like that.

Doing this will prevent the disused portion of the tinned surface becoming hard to tin and slowly creeping down the tip over time. The sponge does an ok job, but use purified (distilled or deionized) water, otherwise it will accelerate oxides forming. The sponge should be just moist to avoid excessive thermal shock to the tip.

When resuming soldering, you clean that protective blob of solder off and the tip will be like new each time. So periodically I'll do that full tin and clean to keep it optimal. But otherwise just wipe between joints and give it a good coat when done.

It makes perfect sense that covering the working area of the tip with solder protects it from oxidation, because it excludes air from that surface. It can sometimes be difficult to cover the whole tinned area because the solder wants to bunch up on one side or the other. Also difficult to cover sharp edges like tweezer tips. If you glob on too much solder, it will just fall off.

I bought the ADS200 from Farnell. I am quite happy with that. I like the military look.  But I have a little problem. Some of the soldering tips are not so perfectly shaped so they are a bit difficult to insert into the handle. One tip even jammed the internal o-ring. I had to remove the o-ring. Did someone experience this? Can I run my handle without the o-ring??

I will do some further experimets and maybe add more photos... My o-ring is orange. Once the tip is fully inserted, it works as it should.
Spare o-ring in black color are offered by the manufacturer...

See page 9.

There is a little insertion pressure as the cartridge tip connector seats which is normal, but it should feel soft and not catching. You should be able to insert the tip with the tip tool for instance. The oring helps align the tip correctly into the socket and hold it there and also probably helps with fumes/contaminants ingress, so I think it's necessary.

It is possible for the oring to become misaligned but once it's seated correctly it gets held in place by the pressure of the back cap washer. To inspect the oring turn off the station remove the tip and look down the barrel with a light or unscrew the cap and check if the oring is centered on the socket correctly, deformed or damaged.

The socket is keyed so to insert it without the oring moving I found by holding it vertical and lowering the handle barrel down on then tighten the cap from the bottom. Pace seems to use a bit of lubricant on it otherwise which sort of holds it in place.

I have a few dozen tips and they are all fine, so I think one of two things is happening. The oring has been misaligned or damaged which is easy to fix. The cartridge tip metal barrel or connector plastic is catching slightly on the lip of the plastic socket (just past the oring) which could be while you are feeling extra resistance.

Thank you, I will check it!


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