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Old FLUKE 8021B taken apart

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Born almost 30 years ago and lived most of the time in a rough environment. It survived in my father’s workshop for so many years, thus for sure it’s good stuff.
Now I just use it as a backup multimeter, however it’s still working very well.
The first attached picture shows that it wasn’t treated very carefully all the time.

In consideration to the EEVBLog community I’ve taken apart the 8021B and took some pictures of it (attached bellow) ;D

It lacks the auto power off feature but the continuity test beeper is the fastest I ever seen in this type of multimeter.
The text on the bottom side of the PCB reveals the year of production (1981).
I’ve never calibrated this multimeter and I will show you why.

Measurements between the 8021B, a recent Fluke 115 and the 1905a multimeter from Thurlby Thandar Instruments (5½ digit resolution, ± 210000 counts):

  scale    8021B    115    1905a  V DC2V  1.896  1.895  1.8951V DC20V  7.00  7.00  7.0001V DC200V  64.2  64.16  64.220V AC750V  218  217.5  218.0I DC2mA  0.066  0.000*  0.0656I DC2mA  1.962  0.002*  1.9658I DC20mA  19.88  0.020*  19.9511I DC200mA  23.4  0.023*  23.320I DC200mA  198.7  0.198*  198.358I DC2000mA  11  0.011*  10.85I DC2000mA  1927  1.923*  1927.92*2A Scale

  scale    8021B    115    1905a  shorted200  0.3  0.2  0.02325.5 / 0.1%200  25.5  25.6  25.5041k78 / 0.1%2k  1k781  1k780  1k7794010k / 0.1%20k  10k00  10k00  9k9982180k / 5%200k  178k6  179k4  178k890820k / 5%2M  829k  831k  828k7010M / 5%20M  10M13  10M15  10M1005
Well the numbers speak for themselves. Not a top multimeter, still not ready for retirement :)

Best regards,

Nice one!

You can see that integration has taken some big steps forward compared to my 8040.

Btw. what causes the traces on the PCB to "bubble"?

I don't think the traces are "bubbled", that's just the solder mask that puckers up over time.

I see the 9 volt battery connector has been replaced.  The origional looked like a super thick piece of fish paper about the same colour as the meter, grey.

I have a 8024A & had to replace the connector,  or I would not know this... 

Here is a link to a Fluke article that covers some of the history.


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