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Old High-tech RS Diode/Transistor Checker Stock 424-169


Well this is one presentation of one old but technologically very advanced design.

Just have a look at the pictures, all the specifications and instructions,
are printed at the bottom of it.

The only complain that I have from it, its the probes,
the plastics due the shape of the probe are many plastic pieces conected mostly with glue,
and under pressure they divide again in pieces, and you must connect them back with super glue.

I did verify the output of 4Vpp with the Fluke 28II.
I do not have any of the large LED's that Dave use to test the diode test function in his reviews.
But even so the specs of it, they are impressive.    :)

I was not aware until today that I had as square signal generator
at  14.87Hz  60% duty cycle   +4.181 - 4.175

Not to say that at DC range the bargraph of the Fluke 28II truly dances in the rythm  :D
On AC range it shows an more stable reading of 4V .


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