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Oooh, I got a free multimeter

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I saw that in your tweet ... looking forward to seeing it.

Oh ... welcome home.  :)


--- Quote from: JohnS_AZ on October 23, 2010, 03:28:21 am ---Nowhere to go in LA? Ya kiddin' me?  :)

If I had a couple days to kill, a free hotel night, and someone to watch all 6 dogs I'd make the 6 hour drive over there -JUST- to go see Apex Electronics. I've known about them for a for a number of years but haven't had anything pull me over to LA in longer than that.

--- End quote ---

Sweet, now I know where I am spending this 9/80 Friday scouring for HV parts for my current project :)

edit: corrected typo

Okay, I'm starting to develop a big case of Apex envy.   :)

Oh gee, now I'm going to have to pop up to Apex during lunch sometime this week :-)


Here is something I plan to check out in LA this Satuday:

the W6TRW Swap Meet that happens on the last Saturday of every month.  The pictures of last September make it look worth going to.  I hope they have a good turn out this month.


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