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Open-T12-Soldering-Station released


So I did this out of frustration with ordering another Ksger soldering station to find out I had to replace the processor and hack up a couple other things.  So I decided to build my own and share it. Ended up on detouring and building a reflow oven to build it, that is also on my git page.  It uses the same pinouts as the Ksger T12 V3.0 OLD so it runs the great firmware at without any changes.

I thought about ordering some extra boards to offer up for sale.  But I really don't want to try and build one again, not sure anyone else would either, so I thought about having them made at someplace jlcpcb as they aren't expensive in quantity and they get many of the parts cheaper.  Any interest out there for that?   

Please ignore the homemade board, homemade solder mask, and learning the reflow oven solder quality.  I was hoping for a working prototype, so it was a success.

And educational comments about the design would be appreciated. 


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