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Opinions wanted: PIC 18F book


I am thinking of getting this book. Reasons being its centered around the 18F, it has a USB chapter and its in C. Has anyone read/own this? What is your opinion?

Well, there seems to be a preview of 300-odd pages, which should give you an indication of its' content. Newnes books are usually pretty decent though.

I looked at the preview. They use the MikroE C compiler in that book *ouch*. I am not impressed by the quality of MikroE compilers.

For me the Microchip application notes are more than enough to learn all I need to know about PICs. Sometimes I build a clone of any demonstration board to learn with their examples. E.g. some years ago I build my own version of ‘PICDEM Full Speed USB’, tried the examples, studied the code and after a couple of days I was fully capable to add USB connection to any new project.

Good to know. I might just stick to the datasheets and online stuff



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