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Have anyone been following the Index/LumenPnP project by Opulo/Stephen Hawes?


$1145 + a spool of filament + time (~6 hrs)

Not affiliated, just think his project is worth a mention.

I've been following the project just because it is fun to see people do things. I don't have a need for a PnP machine, but it seems strange to me to not ship plastic parts in the kit. Especially given that they are used for alignment of the moving parts. Everyone's printing capabilities are different, I can see this being a support issue. I'm fine with not including the wire holders and all that stuff, as that is not critical for operation.

If anything, I'd only include plastic parts, since 8020 extrusion and stepper motors are readily available to anyone.

Yes, it was great to follow development. It looks rather tempting, although I don't think I need one at the moment, I can live with what JLC can do. I think they're trying to cut cost, packaging and time by pushing 3D printing onto the end user because let's face it, if you want a DIY PnP machine then you probably have a 3D printer to access. This massively undercuts the Liteplacer, which doesn't appear as capable. Am I right in thinking there are no feeders supplied? That's a surprise if they're not. There's also no conveyor belt system either, which they were working on. It isn't a big deal.

What happened to the Liteplacer Dave! You said it wasn't worth the time in a live stream recently?

Correct, the feeders are not included in this release: the kits they are selling right now are "Milestone 2" kits - parts are held statically in printed trays or tape holders. Milestone #3 is the feeders, and #4 is the conveyor, as you mentioned.

Also not affiliated, but I am the proud soon-to-be-recipient of one of their Early Bird kits! Very excited.

Any updates from those that have tried the LumenPnP?



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