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Pace fume extraction sucks
« on: October 19, 2019, 11:27:08 am »
TL;DR Need ideas on setup.

Have been working on my new workbench slowly over the last few years. I'm largely done I think, aside from making it look pretty. It's becoming a bit of an "eternal upgrade" as I put the last finishing touches in place.

Anyway, today managed to finally sort out some decent fume extraction. Online I found a Pace ARM-EVAC 105E Fume Extractor from a liquidated business for lets just say, less than the cost of a replacement filter. Pulled the trigger and as best as I can tell it's new and never been used, the filter and prefilter both smell morning fresh and the case has no wear at all, which is a good sign its new.

Most important of all it totally matches my soldering gear. Ok that was a joke but I've really needed to move towards better fume extraction, working in closer proximity to leadfree fluxes and these days with a higher percentage of Chinese PCBs outsourced to places that could have little to no OHS, concerns me a bit. Don't want to end up with a respiratory problem in 10 years called "greenlung" or some shit because a guy found out a dirt cheap way to knock up his own no clean leadfree flux formula using drain cleaner.

I do have a hose for it (not sure if it's ESD safe) but am missing a cowl/scoop for the desk end of the hose. Which is where I need some advice.

Has anyone found one particular type of cowl/hood to work better? I was also thinking since the fume extractor has two ports I could use a second wide cowl to separately suck fumes from where my handpieces are setup.

What do you think works best? Flexible arm, plain hose on the desk, with cowl or a full hood over the work area? I have magnification, but I don't think it will interfere too much. I've seen some hoods that work on an angle.

I was looking at Corgitronics (user Circuitous on EEVblog) setup and liked how he has a detachable system which is shown on his website. This might work as well.

NorthridgeFix's video on youtube shows the Arm Evac 250 model which is essentially the same thing with the two port arrangement on the top. It appears to use the same filter box, his prefilter is looking nasty.

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