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Pace Intelliheat Pinout for 6 to 8 pin adaptor

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--- Quote from: tooki on February 19, 2024, 01:44:49 pm ---Follow-up about the contact materials: on the ST 50 station at work, the socket has unmistakably silver contacts. So I’m gusssing my ST 75 at home must be gold, since it looks so different.

Maybe this is not a coincidence? The ST 75 being a desoldering station, it uses one contact for the switch, which is a low-current logic level signal. I guess in theory gold is better for this?

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I don't think plating material makes any difference for the switch signal on the connector. You may be thinking of an actual switching contact that makes and breaks a circuit, where it's essential for the contact to be "wet" and not blocked by oxide. In fact many of those are silver plated, I think for reasons of arc-breaking and erosion. Silver can also be plated much heavier than gold can economically.

The only real case where choice of connector plating is critical (that I can think of) is when thermoelectric effects need to be considered.

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Mmm… no. It’s not just that.

(Attached below in case the URL goes down.)

Mine has no gold contacts too.

I rebuilt my adapter to a handle switching box with Relais and valves.
Works fine for now. Measured 4° difference before/afterwards which could came from my china solder tip thermometer too.


2Relais / Handle
Heater and Sensor Pins which are connected to AGND are switched per Handle Socket and for the TD-100 Socket the same heater pin and the middle pin of the connector ( for the thermistor inside handle.)

Hope the right  choice for long time ; I used Reed Relais for the sensors and for others ≥5A Relais with thick gold plating (for low voltage-arc free switching , not with thin gold for long stocking duration). Switching only without power at contacts .
 (TD-100 has its sensor between heater and grounded tip).
The box has a selection switch and a on/off switch which switches the 12V power supply for relays & valves and the power socket where the pace station is plugged with its own switch at station always on . Won’t drill a hole to use the winding from stations control circuit.

To switch between vacuum and pressure tools I use a E valve with 5 openings for hydraulic cylinders.  Vacuum + Filter & pressure connected to OUT A & OUT B // Handles to DRAIN A & DRAIN B // IN left free to soak/drain air so that it not have to go through the unused handle but soaked air always goes through Visifilter . For more as one vac. and one pressure handle additional valves needed between that valve and the handles.

I can confirm that all of the tools I have use silver-plated male connectors, including the foot pedal. At least, it looks that way from the front: I don't think the solder-type pins can be extracted. Which leaves me wondering why they selected silver plating: certainly it wasn't to save money on $1000+ soldering stations or $500+ handpieces. Nor are the tools especially high current; I think the SensaTemp tools are all 21 VAC, 51 W, so about 2.5 A maximum per pin. Why didn't they use gold?

The thermojet tools have even a bit more power .

Gold is not always better , has its downsides at some circumstances .
Is it even silver now or just ordinary  tinned ?

Thinking that just because it costs 1000$ at market that they won’t care about +/- 50 cent in production is unfortunately wrong . But that’s not about pace and specially true for  newer designs.


--- Quote from: Okto47 on March 25, 2024, 01:41:47 pm ---The thermojet tools have even a bit more power .

Gold is not always better , has its downsides at some circumstances .
Is it even silver now or just ordinary  tinned ?

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Given that the manufacturer only makes them in silver and gold, no tin option, it’s silver.


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