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Pace Intelliheat Pinout for 6 to 8 pin adaptor

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Anyone got the pinout for the Intelliheat plug ?
Or the wiring diagram of their 6 to 8 pin gender bender adaptor or could measure it ?
(The adaptor to connect Sensatemp handpieces with black connector to Intelliheat stations with blue connector).

Because I can’t find a seller inside EU for it , farnell doesn’t sell it anymore and the US shops I found which ship to EU only offer very expensive shipping options ( >100$ + fees ).

Thank you.

Phil Smith:
I would like to know as well!  |O
Should not be that hard to DIY one, if you know pinouts and are able to source those DIN connectors..

Yeah no one posts it , found that others asked the same at other forums.
And not Easy to get one if not in US.

Connector should be Amphenol C 091 B
With crimp contacts (if I remember right).
Take care of Bayonet gender and lock pin side , as booth versions exist , pin male / bayonet male , and pin male / bayonet female .

I could share what I have measured for me and works for me with (heatwise) TD-100 and (Sensatemp) THERMOJET. Haven’t verified it with other handpieces as I’m still waiting for them.
 !!!Maybe it’s wrong and work only with that thermojet!!!

First picture is the Intelliheat Station and how I have connected the handpieces and which resistance.
!! PIN numbering is not the original one from connector datasheet !!
And I drawed Thermistors everywhere but it’s of course  not , inside tip a thermocouple…..
(TD-100 , easy to open handpiece to see which side the thermistor is. Or measure if temperature is stable , ~2600Ω and only +4Ω to wrong pin ).

At my thermojet I can’t measure if at Sensatemp connector switch is between 1 and 3 or 1 and 6 as it was a demolished handpiece and I already mounted a 8pin connector on it but easy to measure if you have any handpiece with switch.

Doesn’t know about cartridge tweezer , maybe it’s same as TD-100 and heaters in parallel with full wave and each with a diode to get a half , or maybe second heater is the middle pin  ??? Will see when it’s here.

Phil Smith:
Wow! Thank you Okto47 very much for this in depth post!
I've got a quote today from my local UK supplier, they ask £33+20%VAT+£15 shipping (total of 54.6 pounds, or around 70 US bucks) - quite a price for a one short cable!.. On top of that it is 6-8 weeks lead time hah  :palm:
But those Amphenol connectors cost something like 7-8 quid a pop on Farner or Mouser +20% VAT + shipping. So It is quite tempting to just order it from Pace  :-//

What's the part number of the adaptor? Thanks.


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