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Pace Price increase ?

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Did they increase the price of the pace ads200 over the last couple of months ?
The cheapest i can find it is about 290€ (its on sale from 360€). Because at this point i could also go for a JBC Station which you can also get for arround 380€
Is this just a price increase due to supply shortage or is this the normal price now ?
The reason im asking is because i saw alot of ppl talk about it costing 220 usd so i was expecting it to cost 220-250€

I recall buying it from from Farnell (the stand with sensor option) for about 1100PLN which is about 250€.

Farnell sadly doesnt sell the ADS200 in Germany. (Even tho they are listed as sells)   |O

The Pace ADS200 (w/ISB) was 250€ list in June 2018 (I assume that is before tax). This was the introductory price with distributors setting their own prices. In the US it was $265 but with the discount and our eevblog discount it was ~$220. In Jan 2020 there seemed to be a price increase it looks somewhere around $295 list as best as I can tell.

Thanks for the explanation.
I really hope the sale continues for a while
Because i wont buy for 355€


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