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Please recommend me a source of good quality jumper wires with Dupont connectors

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--- Quote from: Mr. Wizard on January 09, 2021, 05:51:45 pm ---I don’t have a source for premade wires, but I had the same problem about ten years ago. If you can’t find any good ones, one option is to make your own as needed.

About ten years ago, I bought the Pololu 16-28 AWG crimping tool. It double-crimps and is designed for these types of connectors. I bought crimp pins and housings elsewhere, but I see that Pololu also sells crimp pins, both male and female, along with crimp connector housings in various configurations. I buy my wire from McMaster Carr, and for stripping, I use the Irwin 2078300 self-adjusting wire stripper which instantly strips insulation to any length.

It’s more work than just peeling off some wires with connectors already on, but being able to make the wires exactly the right length keeps things tidier. I particularly like having the connector housings on the end be 4x1 or 8x1 + 2x1 or whatever is appropriate, rather than a bunch of dangling 1x1 connectors.

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Just a little warning to others that the Pololu crimper there is just an ordinary SN-28B crimper, which despite constant claims of being for “DuPont” is categorically incapable of crimping them properly. (It’s for 2.8mm Faston terminals, FWIW.)

See for why that crimper isn’t suitable and for suggested alternatives.


--- Quote from: DC1MC on January 09, 2021, 02:59:12 pm ---Hello, I'm looking for some of these 40 something ribbon cables with Dupont connectors (M/M, F/F, M/F) that can be split as needed, they are allover EBAY and Amazon, not to mention Ali, the problem is that they are crap de crap, excuse my French  :palm:.

Something like this, but less crappy:

Really the contacts seem to be made out the most dead and soft metal possible, with zero elasticity and miserable tolerances, really after 2-3 insertions they're practically falling out the counterpart, not making contact or being oversized and destroying their counterparts. I have some old wires, that slide so nice and fix, in and out, from some logic analyzer probes, something like more than 20yrs. old and they are perfect.

So my question is, where can I find some of the higher quality ones, maybe not Pomona high, but not really crap made out of crap.

If it's available in EU/DE, is even better, but at that point I'm willing to even buy some from US or whatever.


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The FCI Mini-PV series (the thing Chinese DuPont are modeled on) and AMP AMPMODU series, just to list a few, are better. The contacts come in low, medium, and high force (higher force holds better, but loses more strength with time compared to low force). The downside is that they’re a lot more expensive than Chinese DuPont parts.

What I’m doing for a lot of for individual leads is using D-sub HD (size 22) contacts. The size is compatible with the 0.64mm square posts and the sockets for them, but the female sockets are much more reliable. I just crimp them on (though you can also get solderable ones) and then use heat shrink instead of a housing.


--- Quote from: H.O on January 13, 2021, 05:52:36 am ---Pololu sells what they call Premium Jumper Wire in various lengths and colors, M-M, F-M & F-F. I have not used them so I can't vouch for their quality:

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I investigated this same subject, recently. The problem that I was/am having is that the DuPont wires that I have are poorly crimped, which results in them having an amazingly high resistance.

I contacted Pololu, about their DuPont products. They do not manufacture their own Dupont wires. They simply order them from Asia and resell them. They do not have any particular quality standard, nor specifications. They do not do any quality testing of the wires. You get nothing for their higher price, on this particular item. And, beware their return policies... You pay shipping to buy their products, and to return them, if need be, and they collect a 15% restocking fee.

I apologize for the bit of a rant, but I had $275 of DuPont wire and tools in my cart, when I discovered this. I felt duped and that they had wasted my time. I am just glad I had read all the fine print, bothered to ask them questions, been patient enough to wait for their response and, above all, not checked out.

I took a chance and bought a generic crimper on Amazon, which had a good user rating. They have free returns, so, if the tool was no good, I could get my money back.

For the most part, re-crimping the cheap wires I have cured their ills. But, you are corrected, it is fiddly and not much fun.


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