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Title: Powertronix Isolation Station
Post by: bdunham7 on June 01, 2022, 07:41:58 pm
I found these on eBay and they might be a good deal for someone looking for a robust 600VA combination isolation and step up/down transformer.  eBay has enough pictures of the outside, so I just posted one of the inside here--since I tore it apart before turning on, as per the motto.  It's all C13/C14 connectors so you need little adapter cords, but those are typically available and make it handy for worldwide use.  I bought one for a 240VAC bench source and one for a long-term travel power adapter, but it might be a bit big for that.  You get 230/115 selection on both input and output.  I tested it for leakage, it has ~40uA so not medical or metrology grade but adequate for most purposes.  I didn't test load regulation yet, but it has a pretty large toroid so probably pretty good.  It looks really solid and well made--there are literally just too many screws holding the thick stamped aluminum chassis together.  I'm not in any way associated with the seller, but everything was very good including double-boxed packaging. (