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I'm looking for a holder for my probes as resting them on the desk, the cables hang down, get caught and the probes get pulled off the desk.

I have found this - - but it's in the US and postage and import to the UK is nuts. I believe it's a thingyverse print but I don't have a 3D printer.

Just need some ideas that won't cost an arm and a leg in the UK.

Tool Clips, AKA Terry Clips. You could probably screw them individually to the edge of your bench and have as many as you want.

You'll have to measure the diameter of your probes to get the right size.

Available at Screwfix/Wilko/etc or online.

Edit: it looks like 19mm is the smallest they do in Wilko. Screwfix has them in 1/2" which might be small enough for scope probes?

I suspect with a bit of googling you will find smaller ones?

Good thinking. I use them in the shed for my garden tools. Didn't think they went down that small.

Yep, check the gardening section in the hardware store. But, also check the tools, plumbing and electrical sections. Those isles also have unique hangers that might work for you.

If you can find a piece of plastic pipe, or hose, of the correct size, you could cut off rings, split the rings on one side and drive a screw through the other side. Or, just tack several laces onto a board and tie the probes on with the laces.

I am with you; cable management is an issue - a real pain in the neck. I just don't have any space to hang them. I ended up just winding them up, putting several of the same type in a Ziplock bag, writing information on the bags and seating the bags, vertically, in an open top box. It consumes a large spot on my bench, which I am not happy about, but at least I can find what I need and I am avoiding disasters.

Electro Fan:
Pomona, Fluke, and others make test lead holders that might work for probes as well as test leads.


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