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Quality Warning for Erem E7SA Tweezers from Amazon

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As we also act as a "vendor" to Amazon, I can tell you, that it is - as a vendor - no problem to sell fake products to Amazon, without the hassle of being a certified reseller oder need for proof of purchase.
These will then become "sold and shipped by Amazon"-items.
(We certainly wouldn't do that, but it's possible.)

I'd suggest to directly contact them in Switzerland, they should know.

Thanks for posting this. I for one appreciate information like this to help guide my future purchasing. I dont like the fact that they removed your Amazon review because somebody told them they were authentic - as if anybody would ever admit fakes. Sometimes, I don't mind the fakes knowing full well what I'm in for.. but knowing up front is quite helpful.

I agree that even an old weller stock should be old but very high quality. Therefore, these are likely fake regardless what Amazon people tell you.

Old stock would simply be labeled “Erem”. But I can assure you, because I use it on a nearly daily basis, that that old Erem stuff is extremely well made, certainly not worse than Weller-branded product. (And the Weller-branded Erem tools I’ve bought seem just as good.) So I agree with the suspicion that they’re fake.

What surprises me about Amazon removing the review is that in the past, they erred on the side of caution. I once ordered a pair of Fluke test leads from Amazon, and got the real deal, but did contact them to say that the $5 sets from third parties had to be fakes (and some reviews said so). Without me asking, they refunded me the price of my (genuine) pair.

I rarely order from Amazon any more, other than for books. Amazon’s wish to become a flea-riddled bazaar has worked out for them, but it’s made Amazon very uninteresting to me, since I don’t always want to spend hours trying to track down a genuine article among an ocean of no-name garbage.


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