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Question about the difference between JBC tips



I'm looking at different JBC tips since I purchased (and am currently waiting for) the Aixun T3A. I'm currently trying to decide between the different tips, and I wanted to see if I was going in the right direction. I do some SMD work down to 0402, and I also deal with up to 8 layer boards with large ground planes, so I'm trying to get a good variety of tips. So far I'm thinking of the following:

C245-029 (0.4mm bent conical) - This seems to get recommended a lot for small SMD components down to 0402's.
C245-406 (1.2mm x 0.7mm high temp chisel) - SDG Electronics recommended this style for general purpose uses, and I wanted to give it a try for standard DIP components and surface mount chips with wide spacing
C245-965 (1.9mm spoon)- This gets recommended a lot as well as a general purpose tip for a lot of different applications and for reflow soldering. I have a couple fake T12 spoons, but everything I've read seems to indicate that fake tips don't get the thermals right for spoon tips.
C245-966 (6.6mm x 1.8mm high temp chisel) - I want something big for soldering big MOSFET tabs (9mm wide) to ground planes. I think that this is the right size for this, but I'm not sure.

I'm wondering if this seems like a good variety of tips that should satisfy most applications, and I'm also wondering what the difference would be between the following three tips as I want to add one of the three:
C245-770 - 2.4mm x 0.3mm slender cone-shape chisel tip
C245-741 - 2.4mm x 0.6mm thicker cone-shape chisel tip
C245-759 - 2.4mm x 0.5mm narrow chisel tip - not cone shape

I'd like to be able to use one of the three tips for general-purpose SMD with large components and for soldering up to 12 gauge wires to boards. I'm wondering what the trade-offs are for the different 2.4mm chisel tips. I know that you want as much metal as is possible behind the tip for good thermals, but I'm wondering if the narrower tips offer significantly better dexterity. I'm also wondering if the thermals are much better or just a little better on the thicker tips. I've liked using the Weller RTM 022 s at work in the past, but the micro soldering tips are narrower overall, so they're pretty good for dexterity, and I don't think that it would be a direct comparison.
Thank you!

C245-029 useful for modding work, attaching fine wires and attaching to pins, getting in tight spots, etc. I guess it can be used for 0402 but for that I would just use a standard chisel or knife tip (which can do 0805/0603/etc).
C245-406 seems ok for 0402/0603, bit too small for DIP stuff IMO. I would use ~2.5mm for that (which you mentioned below).
C245-965 doesnt seem like "general purpose" its just for doing drag soldering, aka hoof tip.
C245-966 yeah good beast tip, anything 5-6mm would be fine here.

If you already have T12 tips you should know what works for you.

I don't have a T12 hoof but I can't see it performing too much differently than this jbc for drag soldering. You'll see the difference on the big 5mm+ tip for sure though.

Thanks for the advice! Do you think that the C245-731 (0.6 x 0.3mm chisel) would be too small for the 0402's and maybe some touchups with QFP's? or do you think that the C245-773 (0.8 x 0.3mm chisel) would be more appropriate? I'm thinking that because I already have the 1.2mm chisel, maybe the 0.6mm would be better? I don't have a dedicated micro soldering station at this point in time, so I'd imagine that the narrower tip could also be a decent stand-in for now.

After thinking through it and doing some more soldering today, I think that the slender C245-770 would be a better pick for me. I tend to end up getting solder too high up on some components like surface mount oscillators, and I think that a thinner tip may help with that.

Wow that is tiny, would almost certainly work for QFP touchup, although I prefer knife tip so you can get multiple pins at once if necessary.
I can't say which is more usable for 0402 as I've never used a chisel tip that small.


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