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Quick (and other) hot air station information request

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I have been Using The Atten ST-862D, Quick TR1300A and the TR1100 For a Few Weeks Now

The TR1300A in my Opinion Beats the ST-862D, RandomHacks BST-863, 861DW, (I have Used them All) Worth the additional expense trade off is the Fan Ramps up way to much on cool down.  THe Random Hacks mod on the BST-863 was cool but had heat stability issues.

As for airflow i think the TR1300A in the real world is 100lt/min or a little more sure does push more air than the ST-862D I think it's specs are 120lt/min. but no telling how they are rating these.

Quick TR1300A

A Look Inside the TR1300A

Quick TR1100

Atten ST-862D & Quick TR1300A Side By Side


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